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Creator and host of award-winning podcast, Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books. CEO. Author. Mom of 4.

Fall Scenes from a Football Stadium

Giants vs. Rams

September 2021

First time in a crowd post-lockdown. Yes, I’d been to school pick ups and drop-offs. I’d walked through Central Park. I’d even been to a couple outdoor book parties. But a packed stadium? Not a chance.

I didn’t think football and crowded arenas would ever come back after…

Sometimes the people you’re with physically just aren’t your people

Explaining this concept! Photo by Zibby Books author Meghan Riordan Jarvis.

An old, dear friend just called me from drop-off.

She’s been going through something complicated and, for various reasons, the mom friends in her orbit haven’t been supportive.

“I feel terrible,” she said, kids screaming and horns blaring in the background. “I’m dealing with so much, like my kids and…

20 tips for aspiring authors from a podcaster/author/publisher

Ever since I started my podcast Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books, I’ve gotten a lot of requests from aspiring authors. Could I possibly help them navigate the publishing industry? Do I have any tips or tricks after interviewing hundreds of authors? …

Lessons learned in the middle of the night

“Mama, can we snuggle?”

I’m sound asleep. Hadn’t I just turned out my own beside light?! I’d been up late editing a manuscript for Zibby Books and trying, again, to pick the perfect title for my own Little A memoir before my editor’s deadline.

I look at my watch, straining…


September 11th, 2021

We miss you, Stacey. Twenty years ago today. It’s still impossible to believe what happened.

You were the center of our Yale ’98 crew, the center of every crew (fitting that you rowed), the life of every party. I couldn’t even begin to assemble enough pics here…

14 tips as he ventures out into the world

Now that you’re a teenager (and a very good-looking catch, if I do say so myself), I feel like it’s my duty as a woman and your mom to give you a few pointers as you head out into the crazy confusing world of relationships at the start of this…

My husband’s mom and grandmother are but two casualties

Tomorrow will be one year since my husband Kyle’s mom, Susan Felice Owens, died from Covid. Sixty-three years old. No pre-existing conditions. I took many of you along for the ride on Instagram as I posted daily about her illness, how she caught it from her mom, “Nene,” who also…

Hard work never scared me before — it was a small price to pay for a fabulous result

“What even is an anthology?” my six-year-old son asked at the dinner table as I talked about Moms Don’t Have Time to Have Kids.

“It’s a collection of essays written by lots of different people,” I said.

He looked pensive.

“So then why do you say you wrote it?”


Why I’m accepting my body and stopping the Moms Don’t Have Time to Lose Weight podcast

Last September, nothing fit. I’d eaten my way through the first six months of the pandemic. Food had fueled me as I coped with personal loss, home schooling my four kids, and global uncertainty. …

Dropping off the kids is excruciating

Yesterday I dropped off my four kids in an airport hotel parking lot to spend two weeks with their dad, from whom I’ve been divorced almost six years. I helped load them and all their bags into his car service van on their way to their next destination. …

Zibby Owens

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