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Creator and host of award-winning podcast, “Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books.”

When we first got together, I hardly noticed the age gap

When I met Kyle, I was married. I was two weeks postpartum with my fourth child, a beautiful baby boy. I was 38 years old. My decade-long marriage was coming to an end. Kyle was filling in that morning for my older son’s tennis pro and soon, he became mine. In every way.

In the wake of the saddest moments come unexpected joys

I don’t usually cry about it. My mother-in-law passed away late last summer from Covid. And while that was a horrific and traumatic loss, one that I witnessed firsthand while trying to facilitate her care from afar alongside my husband, Kyle, and his sister, Stefanie, I typically try to remove myself emotionally.

Worrying took longer than the project itself

Iam recording the audiobook for my recent book Moms Don’t Have Time To: A Quarantine Anthology. I was so stressed out about finding the time to do it — and how complicated it seemed — that I kept putting it off. That is, until my husband Kyle reminded me of a few important things.

  1. If I put 10 one-hour recording sessions on my calendar, I’d just get it done. Nothing worth stressing over. Small steps taken together would get me to the end.
  2. I’d been dying to narrate my own audiobook. I should enjoy it!
  3. I was beyond happy to…

An ode to Covid grief

It has been a YEAR. Any chance I get to capture Kyle smiling and happy, I’m in.

One year later. I’m laying on the couch with side effects from getting the first dose of the vaccine yesterday. (I have an autoimmune disorder so was eligible in NY.)

I feel grief and loss in every pore of my being on this one-year anniversary of…

Books That Would Make Appropriate (or Not) Gifts for Your Past, Present and Potential Partners

Books make fantastic gifts. But sometimes it’s the title of the book that packs the most punch. While these novels and memoirs may not have the perfect plots for the love of your life — or the guy you just met on Tinder — the titles might fit the bill. If nothing else, they’ll hopefully make you laugh. With Covid forcing us to scrap most of our romantic plans these days, at least we can gift-wrap some carefully chosen books to delight each other, just because. …

When Time Stands Still

Time and I are like kids playing tag in the backyard. Usually time is chasing me and I’m racing through the freshly cut grass in my overalls, my heart pounding, my chubby legs pumping, narrowly escaping being grabbed by the bigger bully of a boy behind me. But occasionally we switch roles. Sometimes I’m the one who has to pursue time, left in the dust of a much more nimble opponent who knows the landscape, who expertly dodges trees and divots and discarded toys littering the lawn, leaving me out of breath and nowhere close to victory.

Over 50 authors gather under one Zoom to trade stories, jokes, and encouragement

At my recent launch event and fundraiser for Moms Don’t Have Time To: A Quarantine Anthology co-hosted by BookHampton and CMEE, 50+ contributing authors plus 200+ others congregated and shared tips on reading, breathing, having sex, working out and eating. Just like they did in my book. The Zoom chat itself was so entertaining that I’ve included it here.

With a good book, you’ll never be lonely

I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through it. But I knew I had to; I didn’t have a choice.

How one “mom-preneur” battles with time

Cranking out work while my son does remote school next to me. Overwhelmed.

I was under the covers already, but had to pick up her call. We caught up for a while.

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